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Preventive Care Visits

A preventive care visit involves a complete physical exam from nose to tail.

Below is a brief description of routine services that can be added on to your preventive visit. We're happy to discuss anything in more detail and decide what is best for your pet.

Routine recommendations:

1. Vaccines

- Rabies and distemper are considered core vaccines for both dogs and cats

- Kennel cough, lyme, and leptospirosis vaccines are highly encouraged if dogs are very social or spend time outside

- Leukemia vaccine is highly recommended for outdoor cats

2. Routine Bloodwork

- Heartworm/tick testing for dogs annually

- A Feline leukemia virus/immunodeficiency virus/heartworm test for outdoor cats annually

- Additional options are available for older pets. A baseline general health profile is encouraged in all pets over the age of 7

3. Internal & External Parasite Prevention

- Fecal testing for internal parasites (annually)

- Flea/tick prevention recommended monthly year round

- Deworming recommended monthly year round

* Additional assistance with other routine tasks, such as nail trims, ear cleanings or sanitary clips is also available.


Medical Concern Visits

A medical concern visit includes a thorough exam from nose to tail with a particular focus on the areas of concern.

Our mobile services will come prepared to assess and manage non-life threatening ailments. If your beloved pet appears critically ill on arrival, then Dr. Sarah will stabilize and may refer you to the nearest clinic for additional workup/support if needed.

* Please be aware, if you feel your pet is experiencing a life-threatening emergency I recommend contacting and heading to the nearest emergency facility.


Humane Euthanasia

A humane euthanasia visit is purely focused on keeping your beloved pet as relaxed, pain free and comfortable as possible during their final moments.
Any and all treats are encouraged if your baby still wants them. That includes chocolate, cheeseburgers, bacon... whatever their heart desires.
We encourage surrounding them with their favorite things (toys, blankets, your hugs and kisses) in their favorite spot in or outside the house.
When you are ready a sedative will be given via injection that typically takes 15-20 minutes to take effect.
Once they are relaxed and drowsy, the final injection will be given, all the while you will be right by their side sending them off peacefully with love.

* If you aren't sure whether it is the right time, we never want to rush you into it. Dr. Sarah is available to chat with you in more detail about the quality of life your pet has and come to a decision together.

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Partners & Referrals

For Services and Specialties that we are not able to provide


If your pet is demonstrating behaviors that are concerning, then speaking with an animal behaviorist in conjunction with your veterinarian is highly recommended. Click the link below for more information on Stephanie Smith, an extremely knowledgable and compassionate animal behaviorist located in Maine.



If your pet is experiencing a life threatening emergency please call the nearest 24/7 emergency facility near you to prepare them for your arrival and ensure they will be able to accommodate you. 

Maine Veterinary Medical Center

1500 Technology Way, Scarborough, ME 04074


Portland Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Care

739 Warren Avenue, Portland, ME 04103


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